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1.50 was amazing

HenyxNATO responds:

Thanks <3

It's a 5 from me!

Jumper responds:

It's a thank you from me! :)

Heavy as fk! Keep it up, man!
"Deathstep" it is! ;)

I like it!
It's good, the vibe is awesome but I don't approve the FL drums. I mean, they are good and all but I've heard them WAY too much to be able to enjoy them.
Good work either way! Keep it up!

nietzlawe responds:

Thank you for taking the time to leave some informative comments. It is much appreciated.

It's amazing what you have accomplished in only a year. All your work is really beautiful!
I'm stoked to hear what you have for 2016!

I like it! The best song I've heard on Newgrounds today.
Great work on the sound design and the atmosphere is amazing.
Though, mixing is a little off. A little harsh in the high frequencies.
Also, it's kinda short.
Still, great work! Keep it up!

SlaughterClub responds:

wow thanks yes its a bit short & not perfect ..but its all i could handle at the time
thanks very much for your review .

You really did touch my heart with this little piece.
I'm now off to listen to more of your music!
I voted 5/5 even though you only got 4 here.
Keep it up! <3

larrynachos responds:

Thanks, man. That means a lot to me.

I checked out your music, but since I've been banned from writing reviews I can't tell you how awesome they are. I'm a big fan of DnB.

Thanks for the review!

Beautiful piece of art!
I loved both of your uploaded composions, you have huge potential!

I don't know if it is your mixing or the sounds themselfes that need a bit of work.
Besides that it's a 5! (still voted 5)

Pretty good!

This is pretty awesome man, love the part from 1:20 to 1:50, it's beautiful! :)

Dj-Zexus responds:

Omg, hai. :D
Thanks, means a lot.

haha! :D

lol really awesome song, it makes me smile! :)
I can hear that you used some Virtual DJ fx too, am i right? ;)
I love it, keep it up!

/ xN

A-X responds:

Haha your totally right =P

Re-Dream EP: fanlink.to/expageE

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